Dock & Lift Installation & Removal

Dock & Lift Installation & Removal

One of the essential services you need to take care of is dock and lift installation and removal, which means finding the right lawn care professional to take care of it for you. The good news is that you have already found the name to trust in to make this possible. Here at Brian's Lawn Care, we have been offering this as one of our professional services since first starting the business almost two decades ago, now.

Dock and lift installation and removal is the installation and assembly or removal of docks and boat or pontoon lifts at our clients' properties. In the spring, this is done once the ice melts and season is ready to begin; in the fall this is done before the lakes freeze. Leaving them in the lake over the winter where they will be exposed to ice can destroy the docks and lifts. Let us help you get the service that you need, in order to take the best care of your dock and lift.

Expert Dock & Lift Installation & Removal

This is far from the type of project that you want to try to make a DIY project. This would mean having to climb into your leaky waders and spend your free time on a weekend attempting to fight with your dock and lift. Then you get to deal with it again in half a year; now repeat this cycle every year in the cold water fiddling with this task. It is much easier to simply call on the pros to come in and handle it for you.

Keep in mind, once spring arrives, so does our busiest season, as property owners want us to assemble and install their dock and lift for them. While it is not quite as rushed in the fall, it still needs to happen quickly. There is only a small window of opportunity available before cold weather and ice set in and make it impossible to get the removal taken care of. Then you are left to take your chances leaving this in the water during the winter and possible damaging or even ruining it.

Dock & Lift Installation & Removal Pros

We understand that your lakefront is the most scenic spot of your property and one that you, your family and friends enjoy the most. So let us help you maximize your enjoyment with the perfect installation every time, creating a level space because straight and level equipment doesn't just look good, it works better. We will also handle your removal with the same level of efficiency. So, when it comes to your dock and lift installation and removal, let the team here at Brian's Lawn Care take care of this for you.

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