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The time of year has come, where we have to think about cold, snowy weather & winterizing our summer fun! On a good note, it's only for a couple months!
Have you called to schedule dock & lift removal? Fall clean up? And yes, be sure you tell us if you'd like us to take care of your snow removal! Even tho there is no snow, yet, we are getting those schedules, and crews, ready as well!
Fall Clean Up - includes mulching of leaves, blowing out leaves in landscaping, picking up leaves in your yard & hauling away deris from property, or dumping in your designated site. While performing your clean up, we also can provide gutter cleaning, trimming of bushes, shrubs & perennials.
Dock & Life Removal - Don't put those old leaky waders on & spend all weekend fighting with your dock, lift, family & friends to get your equipment removed. Call the experts & schedule your removal today! You'll be glad you did, and so will your family & friends!
Snow Removal - (Residentail & Commercial) Let us help with your property security & safety. Providing snow removal on your seasonl home while you are not there, gives the illusion that someone is still there, thus diverting the potential thieves. It will also allow the propane workers to get to your propane tanks when needed. Ensure your safety on your residential property by letting us get out in the cold, winter months to remove snow from your driveways & walkways. We also provide roof snow removal & cabin security checks.

Please call us toll free at 877-879-6265 if you have any further questions.
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