Lakeshore Services

Lakeshore Services

Since 1998, Brian's Lawn Care has been the company that locals call on for a variety of lawn care and landscaping services. However, that is not all we do nor is it all that we are known for. We also provide our local residential and commercial clients with other essential services in order to help protect their home, their docks and lift and even their shoreline. As a family operated business, we take this line of work seriously and that shows in our superior quality results, as well as the customer satisfaction rating we have.

Now, let us demonstrate to you how we have earned the flawless reputation that we have. Give us a call today to find out more about any of the services we offer, or go ahead and set up one of these essential services. We promise to treat you with the same respect that we would want to be treated with, which also means caring for your home as if it were our own. Let us show you, firsthand, what a difference true quality really makes.

Dock & Lift Installation & Removal

dock lifts

If you own a dock and lift, then you know you need a professional to take care of your dock and lift installation and removal, depending on the time of the year. We will install and assemble docks and boat pontoon lifts at your property in the spring, once the winter ice has melted for the year. Then, when the time comes, we will also take care of removing and disassembling them in the fall prior to your lake freezing. As you probably realize, leaving them in the lake during the winter will enable ice to destroy docks and lifts, so we want to help you take care of this essential service.

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Property Security Checks

property security checks

If you are a snowbird or just like to travel, you need to be sure that someone will be around to watch over and take care of your home. There is no security system or smart home system that can give you the level of long term care you need when it comes to actually providing you with maintenance for your home. We will help safeguard against theft, vandalism and damage, but this means also helping prevent issues like frozen pipes, whenever possible. Let us help keep a watchful eye over your house so that you don't have major problems to return to once you return home.

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Shoreline Restoration & Preservation Services

shoreline restoration & preservation

One more essential task that we can help with, here at Brian's Lawn Care, is shoreline restoration and preservation. We want to be able to help you safeguard your shoreline using methods like adding fabric and rock (rip rap) to shorelines. We can also implement native plants to act as natural protection, as well as help bring beauty to your property. Give us a call today to arrange for your Lakeshore services.

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Brian's Lawn Care Tips

Reasons Why Lawn Aeration Is Important

Professional lawn aeration services are one of the cornerstones of a healthy lawn. With regular lawn aeration services, you can keep your Ottertail home's lawn healthy and beautiful thanks to the great benefits that aeration services offer:

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Caring For Your Newly Seeded Lawn

After your newly seeded lawn is in place, maintenance is very important. The germination is dependent on you. Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC has professionally applied the seeding and cannot be held responsible for the lack of the homeowner to properly care for their lawn; we also cannot be held responsible for washout due to heavy rains or factors

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If you are looking for lakeshore service professionals then please call 218-747-2371 or complete our online request form.