Caring For Your Newly Seeded Lawn

Caring For Your Newly Seeded Lawn


After your newly seeded lawn is in place, maintenance is very important. The germination is dependent on you. Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC has professionally applied the seeding and cannot be held responsible for the lack of the homeowner to properly care for their lawn; we also cannot be held responsible for washout due to heavy rains or factors that are beyond our control.

To insure proper germination, you must water on a regular basis. The initial watering after seeding should be a deep soaking but be careful not to make any puddles of water. After the initial watering, we suggest to water frequently but lightly. This means 3 – 4 times daily keeping the top soil (1/2 “ deep) consistently moist. This should be done for the first 4 – 6 weeks. If the seeding is in shady areas you may have to adjust your watering to accommodate. Also, if the weather is hot, dry or windy you may need to water more often. After the first 4 – 6 weeks you can decrease your watering to ½” per time 2 times a week. If you water too often or too heavily the roots will stay at the top of the soil and your lawn will not be stable. Germination ranges from 5 – 30 days. If the seed dries out ---it dies out.


You may walk on your newly seeded areas while watering however, be careful not to turn or twist. New seed is very delicate and you can rip any root structure and kill the grass. Traffic should be restricted on new seeding for at least one month.


Mowing can begin when your new grass has reached at least 3” tall in the majority of the lawn. Make sure you have sharp blades when you cut thus reducing the risk of tearing the grass from the ground. The root structure is still not very strong. Do not cut the grass shorter than 3” and do not cut more than 30% of the grass blade off at one time. Mowing will stimulate growth.

Caring For Your Newly Seeded Lawn


Fertilize your new seeding at the time of application with a high quality starter fertilizer. This will stimulate root growth which is very important. After 4 – 5 weeks we suggest to apply another application of fertilizer high in nitrogen. This will stimulate the top growth. Do not over apply fertilizer! More is not better in this case. You will need to water your lawn after every fertilizer application.


Weeds will inevitably germinate along with your new grass. This is not because the seed had weed seeds in it. Your soil has these weeds lying underground and with the stimulation of the soil, watering & fertilization, these seeds will grow. Be patient. These weeds can be eliminated with time. An application of weed control can be applied after the entire lawn has been mowed 4 - 6 times. Crabgrass preventer should not be applied until after 1 year of seeding and then maintained yearly.


Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC would like to help you maintain your new seeding. Our professional staff can answer any questions you may have about your newly seeded lawn. We specialize in applying fertilizers and weed control to all types of lawns. Please inquire if you would like us to handle these services for you.

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