Maine, MN Lawncare & Landscaping Services

Maine Lawn Care Company

It's really great to have a nice looking lawn, but time can get away from us leaving little left for lawn care. If you'd rather spend your free time doing other things, we can take care of your lawn mowing and maintenance.

Our Maine landscaping team can also install a nice garden area, outdoor living space, or any other feature you like. Leave all the heavy work to us. Then all you have to do is enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Our experts offer a full line of services including:

  • Mowing & Edging
  • Weed Spraying & Fertilizing
  • Trimming
  • Aerating
  • Seeding
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Snow Removal
  • Seasonal Clean Up
  • Dock & Lift Installation & Removal
  • Property Security checks
  • Shoreline Restoration
  • Shoreline Preservation

Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care Service In Maine

Mowing the lawn well helps the grass to thrive. The height of a grass blade shouldn't be cut too short or the grass isn't able to hold the amount of water and nutrients it needs. Proper lawn mowing doesn't give weeds a chance to seed. So timing and technique is everything.

Lawn mowing can be a weekly chore during the growing season. And, there are other lawn care tasks that need to be taken care of like raking, trimming, edging, planting, fertilizing, seeding, and aerating when needed.

You can leave these tasks to our professionals. We are committed to excellent service with attention to detail. Give us a call and let's discuss a lawn care plan that's right for you.

Landscaping Installation In Maine

If it's time to beef up your landscape, call Brian's Lawn Care, LLC. Our landscaping installation service in Maine is just what you need for beautiful outdoor enhancement. There are so many ways to improve your landscape. What ideas do you have in mind?

Outdoor Living Spaces are great for entertaining family and friends. Beautiful stone or paver patios, garden chrysanthemums, hostas, roses, and Oriental lilies are only a phone call away.

Maine, MN

Brian's Lawn Care Tips

Reasons Why Lawn Aeration Is Important

Professional lawn aeration services are one of the cornerstones of a healthy lawn. With regular lawn aeration services, you can keep your Ottertail home's lawn healthy and beautiful thanks to the great benefits that aeration services offer:

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Caring For Your Newly Seeded Lawn

After your newly seeded lawn is in place, maintenance is very important. The germination is dependent on you. Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC has professionally applied the seeding and cannot be held responsible for the lack of the homeowner to properly care for their lawn; we also cannot be held responsible for washout due to heavy rains or factors

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If you are looking for lawn care, landscaping, or lakeshore services in Maine, MN, please call 218-747-2371 or complete our online request form.