Brian Peters

Brian is the owner of Brian's Lawn Care, LLC, founded in 1998. He enjoys camping, trail riding ATV, UTV, snowmobiles and hunting. Brian's bucket list includes, Hawaii, hunting the North American Super Slam twenty nine Big Game animals and travel the country in an RV. 

Brian's superpower is to be limitless, "Because you can do anything." 

A talent he discovered is being able to shoot any gun, at any target, and hit the middle.A phobia of Brian's is failing and eating with messy fingers, IE. chicken wings. A word of advice from Brian to a child growing up, "Actions speak louder than words. Listen to your parent/elders, they know what they're talking about because of their years of experience and wisdom." 

Ben Peters

Ben is the foreman of Brian's Lawn Care, LLC.  He has been with Brian in business since the start in 1998.  Ben is married and they have one little girl.  In his spare time, he enjoys camping and spending time with family.


Top three things on Ben's bucket list are: 1) Travel overseas 2) Purchase a brand new vehicle 3) Fly a plane.  If Ben had one superpower, he'd love to be able to fly to see more of the world without limitations.


Ben's "strangest" talent is being able to back up any trailer.  He says "This was developed over many years of practice." A phobia of Ben's is poisonous snakes.  A word of advice from Ben to a child about growing up, "Think independently and make decisions fast."

Wynn Hughes

Wynn has been with us at Brian's Lawn Care, LLC since 2014. He has two girls, two boys, enjoys family time and bonfires in his spare time.  On his bucket list, Wynn would like to build a new house.  When asked if he could have one superpower, what would it be? "Indestructible."


The strangest talent Wynn has is having a double jointed thumb. "I could always do it. Realized in elementary school when no one else could do it."


His strangest phobia is apiphobia (fear of bees) and Spheksophobia (Fear of wasps).

A word of advice from Wynn to a child growing up, "Take care of yourself and don't expect the world to take care, or cater, to you."

Blaine Hjelmstad

Blaine Hjelmstad joined our team at Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC during the fall of 2017.  He has a nine year old daughter. His past times include fishing, being at the lake and spending time with his friends.


A few items on Blaine’s bucket list are to visit Normandy beach, go tuna fishing and sky diving.


If he had to choose one super power, he would want to have super speed like the Flash.  Blaine would want to be able to be anywhere in a flash and have time traveling skills.  His most unusual phobia is ranch dressing.  Advice he’d give to a child growing up is, "Work hard and get an education."

Dave Guse

Dave has been with Brian's Lawn Care, LLC since the late spring of 2019.  In Dave's spare time, he enjoys spending time with his three boys, golfing and hunting.

Two things on Dave's bucket list are visiting Golf Pebble Beach, CA and to go overseas.


If Dave had one superpower, "I'd fly so I can get to places fast."  He has a phobia of snakes and a word of advice from Dave to a child growing up, "Respect your elders."

Brian Graber

Brian Graber joined our team at Brian’s Lawn Care, LLC in the spring of 2019.  He is married with three boys. His past times consist of camping and spending time with his family.


Brian’s bucket list includes visiting Israel, attend an Auburn football game, and to take a backpack trip through the mountains.  If he had to choose one super power, he would choose flying.




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