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Brian Peters

Owner - 1998

Pastimes:  Camping, Trail riding ATV & UTV, Snowmobiling and Hunting

Bucket List:  Hawaii, Hunting the North American Super Slam 29 Big Game animals and Travel the country in an RV

Fun Fact:  I don't like to eat messy foods


Ben Peters

Foreman - 1998

Pastimes:  Camping and Spending Time with Family

Bucket List:  Travel overseas, Purchase a brand new vehicle, and  Fly a plane

Fun Fact:  I enjoy watching House


Eddie Hegg

Operations Manager - 2022

Pastimes:  Camping, motorcycling, hiking, playing piano & guitar

Bucket List:  Camp in every National Park, Finish remodeling my home, buy a pontoon

Fun Fact:  I will never turn down chocolate


Wynn Hughes

Spray & Fertilize Tech - 2014

Pastimes:  Family Time and Bonfires

Bucket List:  Build a New House

Fun Fact:  I enjoy spending time budgeting and investing

Brian's Lawn Care_LOGO.jpg

Kory Juvrud

Spray & Fertilize Tech - 2022

Pastimes:  Family Time and Bonfires

Bucket List:  Build a New House

Fun Fact:  I enjoy spending time budgeting and investing


Blaine Hjelmstad

Spray & Fertilize Tech - 2017

Pastimes:  Fishing, Being at the Lake, and Spending time with his friends

Bucket List:  Normandy beach, Tuna Fishing, and Skydiving

Fun Fact:  I am an avid bowler

Brian's Lawn Care_LOGO.jpg

Johanna Schmidt

Office Manager - 2022


Bucket List:

Fun Fact:  


Kolby Peters

Lawn Care Tech - 2020

Pastimes:  Cabin, Hunting, Fishing, Work on my Truck, Dirt Biking, Snowmobiling, and 4-Wheeling

Bucket List:  Driver’s License, Make Truck Road Legal, Become Top 3 Wrestler in State

Fun Fact:  I don't like watermelon


Dylan Hanson

Lawn Care Tech - 2021

Pastimes:  Ride side by side’s, Fishing/Outdoors, Time with Family and Friends

Bucket List:  Garth Brooks Concert, Build Own Home, Travel warm places like Arizona & Florida

Fun Fact:  I love sports especially; football, baseball, basketball, and hockey


Tom Zaiser

Lawn Care Tech - 2021

Pastimes:  Fishing & Yard Work

Bucket List:  Fish in Alaska, Visit Australia

Fun Fact:  April Fool's happens any day with me


Landen Peters

Lawn Care Tech - 2021

Pastimes:  Dirt Biking, 4 Wheeling, Snowmobiling

Bucket List:  Travel to Hawaii

Fun Fact:  If I had a superpower it would be Shape Shifting


Jakob Erickson

Lawn Care Tech - 2021

Pastimes:  Boating, Fishing, & Bonfires

Bucket List:  Visit Australia, Get Married, Live on a Farm

Fun Fact:  I like to garden


Carlin Johnson

Lawn Care Tech - 2021

Pastimes:  Play music, guitar, sing, read, outdoors, video games, cook, work out

Bucket List:  Have a private library in my house, own a music studio, learn to brew my own beer

Fun Fact:  I still have a baby tooth