Weed Spraying & Fertilizing

We offer a range of lawn spraying programs.

Designed to help you achieve the lawn you desire and to aid in the recovery from last year’s extreme heat and drought. We have enhanced our treatments with additional nutrients and microbes to revitalize and improve your lawn.


We understand the importance of fertilization in maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients needed for strong roots, disease resistance, and a lush appearance. We will assess your lawn’s specific needs and create a customized fertilization plan.

Using top-quality fertilizers, we carefully apply the right balance of nutrients, including nitrogen, enzymes, microbes, and potassium, at optimal times. We use phosphorus-free fertilizers, so we are lake-friendly. This strategic approach ensures that your lawn receives the necessary nourishment during crucial growth stages. By promoting healthy root development and overall plant vigor, our fertilization treatments enhance your lawn’s resilience against drought, pests, and stressors.

Weed Spraying

Weed control is another vital aspect of our lawn maintenance services. We understand how unwanted weeds can quickly invade and compromise the beauty and health of your lawn. Our team uses effective weed control measures, utilizing pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed seeds from germinating and targeted post-emergent herbicides to eliminate existing weeds. We prioritize long-term weed prevention by improving your lawn’s overall health through proper fertilization, aeration, and regular maintenance. We offer 5 different packages to meet your lawn needs.

Here are some weed control options we provide:

With our comprehensive fertilization and weed control services, you can expect a healthier, greener, and more beautiful lawn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference our expert team can make in transforming your lawn into a thriving and weed-free landscape.

Timing is crucial for effective weed control. Our pre-emergent treatment is a preventative measure which limits the growth of crabgrass for 6-8 weeks, ensuring it does not germinate and thrive.
We employ herbicides to effectively control weeds. Our herbicide treatment targets emerged weeds by allowing the chemical to be absorbed into their circulatory system, leading to root kill.
We offer spot spraying for non-turf areas such as sidewalks, driveways, mulch/rock beds, gravel, and landscaping where weeds may appear.
If your lawn experiences crabgrass growth later in the season, our post-emergent treatment is designed to effectively eliminate it. Under favorable conditions, crabgrass can germinate and grow.
Grubs can cause significant damage to your lawn if left untreated. Our grub prevention treatment is a cost-effective solution compared to post-adult grub killers. Grubs develop from beetle eggs laid in the soil during the summer. Treating grubs prevents them from feeding on grass roots and causing extensive damage. We recommend applying a grub pretreatment every spring to protect your lawn.
If your lawn is infested with grub worms due to the absence of a spring grub preventer treatment, we offer a post-grub treatment. This treatment targets adult larvae and need to be followed by reseeding damaged areas in your lawn.
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